Central Crossing

Fire Protection District


CCFPD relies on your donations to honor the men and women who selflessly serve their communities and neighbors.

Why Donate

While our dedicated volunteers donate their time and energy for free, it costs a lot to outfit a firefighter, maintain our response vehicles, and purchase needed equipment. The Central Crossing Fire Protection District relies on donations from our community and various year-round fundraising programs to support every aspect of our busy volunteer organization.

Our organization relies heavily upon donations from citizens and businesses within our response area to support our mission. Central Crossing Fire Protection District is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your generous donations are tax-deductible.

Cost to Outfit a Firefighter

$ 13,480
  • Helmet $350
  • Flash hood $100
  • Mask $400
  • Coat $1800
  • Pants $1500
  • Gloves $80
  • Boots $250
  • Breathing Apparatus $4000
  • Spare Bottle $1000

Online Donation